Selective Focus 2

Selective Focus 2

We’re back in Ontario in a forest which does not exist anymore. ‘Progress’, economic growth and immigration have taken their toll. This is the Large White Trillium, Ontario’s provincial flower. It is actually against the law to pick these. Building a few houses on thousands of them seems OK…

For this selective focus shot I used a tripod, a long macro lens, a large lens opening, a spotlight and a reflector. This trillium was, as trilliums do, growing in a large patch. Selective focus alone would have made this a nice picture but I wanted this shot to be super-duper special. I had the time so why not try?

I installed my little spotlight low to the ground, imitating a beam of sunlight one to two hours before sunset. I made sure it lit the heart of the trillium – the part that was in sharp focus. The reflector was placed to avoid excessive contrast. With the light ON, I could see exactly what I was getting. I never, ever, use flash. I bracketed my exposures. I did not need the shade of my large white umbrella as it was a cloudy day.

One of the images was indeed super-duper special…

11 thoughts on “Selective Focus 2

  1. Incredible photography!

  2. I love macro photography! Well done!

  3. Beautiful photography …. looking forward to following you on my wordpress reader.

  4. Great pic! I love macro! If you are interested, please take a look at my macro pics here:

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