Wed March 25 – In Love with Sydney

The last pic actually shows three generations of buildings: very old on the right, middle aged in the middle (our hotel immediate on left) and tall youngsters in the back


The day dawned mostly sunny and with a view from our hotel window of the Queen Mary 2 which had pulled into port overnight!

We started off with a trip to a Telstra store to get new connectivity now that we’re in a different country.  Fortunately it was a totally different experience than in New Zealand with Vodafone/Dick Smith, both of which provided useless service and very bad advice (not to mention not even delivering what we purchased.)

Joel at Telstra got us set up with phone and Wifi all in working order and we walked out very happy customers.

Good way to start out, but we would totally love this city anyway.   We are staying right down by the harbour where there’s lots of action.  From almost any direction, you walk uphill from the harbour into a city with lots of tall buildings, many with very exciting architecture. We continued wandering…

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