Wed March 25 – In Love with Sydney

The last pic actually shows three generations of buildings: very old on the right, middle aged in the middle (our hotel immediate on left) and tall youngsters in the back


The day dawned mostly sunny and with a view from our hotel window of the Queen Mary 2 which had pulled into port overnight!

We started off with a trip to a Telstra store to get new connectivity now that we’re in a different country.  Fortunately it was a totally different experience than in New Zealand with Vodafone/Dick Smith, both of which provided useless service and very bad advice (not to mention not even delivering what we purchased.)

Joel at Telstra got us set up with phone and Wifi all in working order and we walked out very happy customers.

Good way to start out, but we would totally love this city anyway.   We are staying right down by the harbour where there’s lots of action.  From almost any direction, you walk uphill from the harbour into a city with lots of tall buildings, many with very exciting architecture. We continued wandering…

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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, on the Colorado Plateau. The odd thing about the Colorado plateau: it is perfectly flat until one walks up to the edge of a Canyon carved out of soft sandstone by a river.

Bryce Canyon is created by the Paria river which has carved out the scenic hoodoos of the Canyon, exposing the sedimentary sandstone at 8000 ft elevation.

Parts of the Colorado plateau are at 10,000 ft. elevation. Very hard to tell until you get your car stuck in the mud and you have to get out and push!

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay is part of lake Huron, the far east side.

Thousands of years of repeated glaciation have left their mark on this unusual landscape. Thousands of rocky islands line the east coast of Georgian Bay.

Most of the smaller islands, like this one, are polished down to smooth sensuous rock sculptures with the most beautiful shapes and patterns.

The best way to explore is with your tent, your Kayak and your camera. Don’t forget your wide angle lens.

Autumn in Quebec

Autumn in Quebec

The autumn colors at Doncaster Park in the Laurentians north of Montreal.

Autumn colors are often the best at the edge of the forest, such as along roads, rivers and small lakes.

Oddly the worst place should be along a hiking trail inside a forest!

This image was made with a Canon 17- 40 mm zoom lens. The weather was overcast and there was no wind.

Camera settings were: f-10 at 0.6 of a second.

Morin Heights, Quebec

Morin Heights, Quebec

Another image from Quebec, “La Belle Province”, Canada.

This image was made just outside Morin Heights north of Montreal in the Laurentians. Like most of the Laurentians, the area is spectacular in its scenic beauty, especially in Autumn.

This location is just outside the Morin Heights downhill ski area. However, Morin Heights is best known for its cross-country skiing. It is the center of a huge web of trails.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

The beach at Wailea in beautiful Maui was breathtaking.

It wasn’t just the beautiful resorts and the beautiful people that were breathtaking. The beach itself was gorgeous.

Significant parts of the beach were covered with vines of morning glory. At first I was not sure whether these were planted or native. I got my answer later when I discovered that even on remote stretches of beach, not just in Hawaii but on many tropical beaches, these flowers thrive.

Thanks to high-definition TV, I actually spotted them in several different locations where the TV series Survivor was filmed.

I used a white umbrella to reduce the contrast and maintain proper daylight color balance. One feature of good composition was provided naturally by the sand: simplicity.